What is Lip Blush?
Lip blush is a semi-permanent lip tattoo, that uses water-based inks to achieve a tinted, natural-looking lip color. It's valued as a less-invasive alternative to lip fillers.
Bring along the lipstick you apply and any photos of the look that you want to achieve

Make sure your health is in good condition, a medical history form will need to be completed. I don't take pregnant or nursing clients because of unpredictability of healed results.

24 hours prior to your procedure, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE

1 day prior to your procedure, DO NOT TAKE any blood thinners such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, B6, Omega 3, Gingko Biloba, St. Johns Wort, evening Primrose unless medically necessary - you may resume immediately after the procedure

Avoid booking during your menstrual cycle IF it can increase your pain sensitivity

No lip injections 1 month prior to procedure.

1 day before the procedure scrub your lips with a moisturizing lip scrub. Keep them moisturized to get the best result (use vaseline, coconut oil or your favorite chapstick).

✔If you have EVER had a cold sore/fever blister, chicken pox or shingles, the procedure can activate the virus responsible for the eruption. You may wish to ask your physician for a prescription for 400 mgs. of ZOVIRAX or ACYCLOVIR. This should be taken 2 times a day for 2 days before and 4 days after the procedure; a total of six days. (Or as prescribed by your physician). This protocol may prevent or minimize an outbreak. For those wanting an alternative approach, the amino acid L-Lysine is available at health food stores and the dosage should be increased to double the recommended and taken 4 days prior and 4 days after the procedure.


When the lips are done, the immediate look after the procedure it's not the final color or end result. At first, the color will appear brighter and more vibrant, appearing more like a lipstick. Once your lips have healed, you can expect the color 50% lighter then they appeared immediately after the procedure. This will give you the beautiful natural color that you have always wanted! The final result will be a beautiful enhanced color of your natural lip color. The healing time is typically one week, however it does vary from client to client depending on your skin type.

Lips can swell up to 1 day. This is normal reaction.

Do not let your lips get dry. Use ointment given and apply thicker layer before bedtime.

Drink through a straw and avoid spicy and salty foods for several days.

No scrubbing. Do not rub, wipe, or scratch area. Use patting motions only.

Do not peel or pick at crust, this could cause pigment loss, scarring, and delayed healing.

Do not apply topical cosmetics over area while healing.

Do not have teeth bleached while healing.

During the peeling process it may look like there is not much color there. Color is more apparent by the second week. Final result is not judged for 1-2 months.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in pigment color loss!

Touch-up visits should be scheduled between 6-8 weeks post procedure. Touch up price is not included ($150).

For the service with any permanent make up procedure results may vary and everyone's skin and bodies heal different there is no guarantee that it will be perfect after one session. It can take weeks to tell what the healed results will look like, with eyebrows and lips they disappear and come back and it takes a full 4-6 weeks. Not everyone's healing experience is the same and can not be compared. Please be patient and trust the procedure.
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