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Introducing Lip Blush tattoo
This treatment brings a healthy, natural looking blush to your lips
Best lip blush tattoo in San Diego
This treatment brings a healthy, natural looking blush to your lips, a subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape. Cover blemishes or irregularities in lip color and tone, with pinks, coral, nudes, and ... that are true to life!
Perfect for those with:
Pale or faded lips
Dark lips
Discoloration or broken capillaries
Anyone wanting to enhance their lips color, and size appearance.
When the lips are done, the immediate look after the procedure it's not the final color or end result. At first, the color will appear brighter and more vibrant, appearing more like a lipstick. Once your lips have healed, you can expect the color 50% lighter then they appeared immediately after the procedure. This will give you the beautiful natural color that you have always wanted! The final result will be a beautiful enhanced color of your natural lip color. The healing time is typically one week, however it does vary from client to client depending on your skin type.

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5 reasons to get permanent makeup:

Save your time and #WakeUpWithMakeup

Feel confident

Always look fresh, younger and natural

No smudging, no fading and worry free after work out or swimming

Save a lot of money on cosmetic products

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What is lip blushing?
Lip blush is a form of semi permanent micro-pigmentation of natural toned pigment to give the lips a more defined shape and beautiful tone. This procedure is perfect for lips that are pale, dark, or just need a little definition. Color is more vibrant immediately after the procedure and will soften up to 50%.
Healing time is 7 days. Color will last 1-3 years depending on skin type, age and lifestyle of a client.
Why enhance your eyebrows?
Eyebrows are an important feature, which frame your face and enhance your beauty.

Permanent eyebrows are a great solution for those with sparse, light, no hair, or those who want to enhance their existing eyebrows. The brows should be designed as symmetrical as possible complimenting your coloring and your face shape.

How are beautiful brows created?
I will customize the right eyebrow shade and thickness for you using a wide range of high quality hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments and sterilized needle sizes. Before we begin the procedure, we sit down and work with you to shape your brows with a pencil, allowing us to agree on the best color and shape to fit your face.
The procedure does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved and does not damage your natural hair. To keep discomfort to a minimum, anesthetic creams are used during the procedure. The entire process takes around 2-3 hours and there is no down time. A touch up is required once 6-8 weeks after initial procedure.
How long do they last?
Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, and sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications and other factors. Touch ups are recommended once a year to prevent natural fading.
Does it hurt?
I get mixed reviews on pain. You may experience discomfort the first pass, but we will numb you again once the skin is open. You won't feel much after. There are many topical anesthetics specifically developed for the permanent cosmetics procedures. I will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during your session.
Would I need a touch up?
Sometimes the permanent color is not perfect after the skin heals from the initial application. For that reason a follow-up visit should be scheduled to touch-up the details. The touch-up work should not be performed sooner than four weeks after the original procedure. For lips six weeks wait for the touch-up visit is advised.
Permanent makeup by Lena Shakuto
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